Monday, May 4, 2015

When perfectionism kills timelines

OK, on the computer crash...long story, but fixed it. turns out, my 12 year old had the right idea - the USB 3.0 drivers on my old motherboard couldn't take some newer hardware. Learned a lot, cursed a lot.

On Paddy, weeeellll......there was the simple way. LR6 is not that different from LR5. Had I kept that long startup process, updated all the indices for the Paddy sliders, I would have been fine. Now, I went down a route to make this all much more flexible. It's a bit idiotic, really. But remember, I am in it for the challenge of programming....So, I am in the swamp right now. Deep. Revisiting old routines and wondering "what did I do there". Not good. But fun.

So, here is where we are

  • The good news: This will be a good update. It will work ultimately, and for those who do not use Midi, the startup will be much faster if you are willing to have the panels pop up on first use. (Sending the Midi values still requires opening the panels first)
  • The bad news: This will take time. As in, it will take weeks. I apologize, but you knew what you were getting into 

As a general note - LR 6 is really not that impressive from a photography point. I like the brush in the filter, but that's about it. I have 50k plus personal pics tagged with names (family archive back to the 1930s - hobby), and the face recognition doesn't really help that much. The assignments I have have don't require face recognition.  I like the Auto-angle for my landscape stuff, but I survived without it. Overall, if I didn't have CC, I probably wouldn't buy LR 6.

So, recommendation if your high throughout workflow relies on Paddy: Stay with 5.x until this one is stable. LR 6 ain't worth the curses if you were able to make your income with LR 5.x


  1. Take all the time you need - performance of LR CC seems to be really bad, as an article on heise Foto stated:

    (german only)

    So sticking to LR 5.7x is still the best way to do - maybe we will see a more performant LR CC version during the year, as it always has been with new LR versions :(.

  2. Just to let you know : there are people waiting for your updates, so all the time your allow to Paddy is well spent, when you will publish a release you will make lots of people happy !
    I was about to sell my Logitech G13, your recent posts made my day... I will wait a few weeks your next release (hope it will fix the "non qwerty keyboard startup bug").

    Keep up your good work and hugs to your family :)

  3. I have just been sticking with LR5...will give 6 a go when you are done. From what I have heard, I am not missing much by sticking with 5

  4. Hi Dorfl.
    Many thanks for updating the status. Just so we are aware could you post the definitive stable latest version to download. I have 5.2Beta2 build 5.2.30926.2 and having start up issues/ crashes.

  5. I am sticking with LR 5, I'd also love to know which build is the best for LR 5? I'd love to give this another try, my wrists are not liking longer jobs and I need to change things up a bit.

    Thanks for all your work on this and sorry to hear CC is changing languages and creating a brick wall for Paddy. I'm upset that Pfixer won't do a PC version and didn't reply to my inquiries about it.