Saturday, November 30, 2013

What's new

Ok, it's cold outside, and despite travel every week across the continent or the Atlantic, we have life back under control. Moved in new house, kids are in a new school and therapy rythm - time to pick it up again with Paddy!

  1. If you are interested in helping with programming, the code is now hosted and you can run from the source. See here:
  2. I found one of the major hikups in the startup. If Paddy for you is constantly a few sliders of, try (1) start Paddy in suspended mode, (2) Open and close the Crop tool, (3) Start Paddy. I know this is dumb, but it seems to be a workaround until we find a solution
  3. Working on that solution and a few other things.
  4. Due to the long break, I might have to lock some topics and get a good bug reporting going again. I apologize - lots of discussion, but too much to go back, and 80% boild down to the issue under (2)

When LR 5.3 is Prime, I will push out the next update

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I will need to rethink this

LR 5.x continues to be a headache. Just when I thought I solved it all, there are issues when users have subpanels hidden in the develop module. This is not that big a deal - we could just say that Paddy requires all subpanels to be open - but this whole thing just pains me.

I have an idea on how to rework Paddy's core. It will be a parallel project, but once done, Paddy  should be much more flexible and faster to adapt to new LR versions. It's a lot of legwork, not that much programming. Basically, I need to map LR's user interface to be able to say "Paddy slider #100 is the 5th slider in the Panel called "details", then get the windows handle for that slider. This is just a lot of legwork (some less obvious than it appears from the panels, especially for the filters), plus some adjustment for the HSL panel, but I have reached the point where I suspect I should have done that a long time ago. It would have saved me a lot of time now.

Stay tuned, we are nowhere near the end.

Monday, September 23, 2013

On a personal note

I know I am behind on everything.

Just a a way to explain, in the past 3 months

  • We moved from a house to a rental apartment
  • Moved last week from the apartment to a larger house
  • Discovered that the just bought house needs some fixes in the cost range of a medium sized car (This being the U.S., as a German Engineer, don't get me started on rotten wood)
  • Negotiated with contractors
  • Had to work for a living
  • And confirmed than the middle son has a learning disability that needs a lot of attention
So I have to admit, Paddy is the least of my priorities right now. The whole 5.0/5.2 situation is not pleasant for Paddy. I am sorry if you rely on Paddy for your professional work and had to deal with frustrating issues. I will make it work for all of us, just give me some time

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Paddy 5.2 Beta 2

Find it here:

I know there are bugs, but the main things should work. This will also install the fast update channel for Paddy 5.2, so you will be informed of new versions.

This doesn't support LR 5.0 or below any more, be warned

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Paddy 5.2 - where are we

After a crazy summer with no time on Paddy, a quick update. Essentially, three points

  • If I only support LR5 going forward, Paddy Startup is much faster. MUCH faster
  • LR 5.2 is still in in RC, with new sliders etc
  • Between RC and actual release, enough things change in the background that it's a lot of work to support RC and new version

So, as soon as LR 5.2 is out as release, I will update Paddy to have a fast start and work with 5.2, but not 5.0 or LR4.x any more (old version will be available)

I know this is not ideal, but life has a habit of interfering with hobbies

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Paddy 5.0 Beta is available

Down load here:

This is the module directory.
 - LR 5.0 sliders now work
- the panel setup is restored after Paddy read the information
- The version check is now a separate thread, which should improve startup time on slow internet connections

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Paddy 5.0 Alpha is available

Paddy 5.0 Alpha is available for download.

Module directory:

This should work more or less with LR 5.0 (and continue to work with LR 4.4). None of the new sliders was mapped, the goal here was to just make the old stuff work. Please report bugs here:

Note that this uses the crutch outlined earlier: When LR opens, Paddy will go through all the tabs on the development panel. This might leave the configuration somewhat messed up. We will deal with that later - Basically restoring it to what we found. Right now, I am just trying to make sure that we can do this.

Also, this probably will not work with the RC, just by the nature of what Paddy does. But that's OK, if we can get this to work here, we know that the principle is sound.

Monday, May 13, 2013

LR5 - status

Now that move #1 is over, and work is less crazy, I had some time to think about LR5 again. I still suspect that ultimately, I need a more robust way to address LR changes. However, for the time being, I think I came up with a way to make Paddy work with LR5 reasonably quickly with limited pain for the users.

To make it short, When Paddy starts under LR5, it will effectively open and close all subpanels and tools in the develop module once. This will take (most likely) -5 seconds. But after that's done, it looks like control handles (The addresses I use to move sliders) are stable and Paddy can just plow ahead like before. While not exactly an elegant solution, it should work nicely. Also, I should be able to do this (and the necessary adjustments to the control addresses, which is always a lot of hunting and gathering) relatively quickly so we can all go on and use Paddy happily.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Paddy update

Thanks to a lot of testing and push from our German users (after Paddy was featured in a local internet show on digital photography), I was able to significantly improve the keyword handling. The experience should be better, foreign characters are handled correctly (as long as they are ANSI - so German, French, Danish works, Russian, Japanese etc doesn't). Also, Paddy now recognizes the keywords that Lightroom tagged as Synonyms as asks the user what to do with them.

This was likely the last big update to Paddy for LR 4, bar any bugfixes, which I will of course always try to do. The next two weeks I will be moving (from house to temporary apartment), then I will need to focus any significant paddy activity on LR 5. I will try to get an updated Nocturn video out, as well as an video on how to use the XBox controller, and if I am bored I iwll try to work on the user guide, but compared to the challenge that LR 5 brings, these ar eboring.

Friday, April 19, 2013

LR 5 - Maybe a way

I think I found a way, but it will be a lot of work, and I have to move over to C# for some stuff.

To make a long story short, I think I found a way to make this work in the new, dynamic LR 5 interface. But it will be lots of work, and it doesn't solver the Midi Out problem - Midi (and IPAD) will be blessfully unaware of any slider positions until the subpanels have been opened at least once. After that, no problem 9I think, cross your fingers), as most handles stay static once created.

The stupid exception as before is of course the HSL panel. LR "destroys" the controls as you switch around there. But we had that issue before.

It will be a lot of work to do this as I am quite literally analyzing every single control in the interface to get the handle associated with a function.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More on LR 5 - real issue for Midi

So, I looked further into the issue with the slider controls (not even thinking about other issues this creates, like presets). It looks like they are indeed dynamically added when needed. It used to be that a slider had a number that wouldn't change. Now, it can be anything. Example: You open LR with all subpanels closed. Then you open the Effects panel. The first slider here ("Amount") is now Edit1. Now you open the Basic Panel. Now the temperature slider is Edit1 (for JPG -  Edit3 for raw, but that was always the case). The Effects slider is now Edit21. And it changes again when other panels open.

This is bad for keyboard shortcuts and disaster for Midi.

The keyboard shortcuts used to work when the subpanels were closed. This will not work any more. Since the controls simply do not exist when the panel isn't open, I have to force the panel open when the user moves the slider. That's bad, but doable.

It's a complete disaster for Midi out, which relies on the fact that the value are available at any point in time. I read them, no matter whether the panel is open or not. Now, the values are simply not available if I don't force all the panels open.

The only good news is that the number never seems to go down. So, creative, I already see several workarounds here. But it will not be pretty.

[Edited: para added]: the second piece of good news is that the handles seem to stay with us. In other words, once I have them I can move the sliders. This gives us several options to work with

My hope is that this is a bug/feature in the beta that will go away in the release.

For those who wonder, I am not in touch with anybody at Adobe - I don't have much time for this this week. I might try to contact whatever support they have for Plugins, but since I am using an officially unsupported route, I am not optimistic

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lightroom 5 beta

Just got the LR 5 beta. The face recognition - promised in a survey, more or less - is not there. Some other features are. I leave it to others to pontificate about the radial filter, but I predict we will see a beta 2, given that the listed additions for this beta are underwhelming (maybe other than the advanced healing brush).
Copy/Paste from Adobe

  • Advanced Healing Brush – Easily remove objects and fix defects—even those with irregular shapes such as threads or lint—with a single brush stroke. Take precise control over what's being removed as you make unwanted objects just disappear.
  • Upright – Straighten tilted images with a single click. Upright analyzes images and detects skewed horizontal or vertical lines. You choose one of four correction methods, and Upright can even straighten images where the horizon is hidden.
  • Radial Gradient – Lead your viewer's eye through your images with more flexibility and control. The radial gradient tool lets you create off-center vignette effects, or multiple vignette areas within a single image.
  • Offline editing with Smart Previews – Easily work with images without bringing your entire library with you. Just generate smaller stand-in files called Smart Previews. Make adjustments or metadata additions to Smart Previews and your changes will be automatically applied to the full-size originals later.
  • Video slideshow sharing – Easily share your work in elegant video slideshows. Combine still images, video clips, and music in creative HD videos that can be viewed on almost any computer or device.
  • Improved photo book creation – Create beautiful photo books from your images. Lightroom includes a variety of easy-to-use book templates, and now you can edit them to create a customized look. Upload your book for printing with just a few clicks.
[edit - the below changed as I explored]
More importantly for us, Paddy 4.3 doesn't work. That is not surprising. Paddy writes directly into Windows controls - and these change when controls get rearranged for a new version. However, they really screwed me this time. The numbering changes over time. For instance, the Temperature box starts out as EDIT1. As you go along and pick tools, it can become anything up to EDIT128 (not quite anything, but details don't matter). This is a massive problem for me - Paddy relies on these edits being stable.

Wish us luck

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Paddy 4.3 Update

Pushed out an update. We had a bug in the Midi assignments for the BCR/BCF and another one in the raw midi assignment, hopefully that's fixed.

As a bonus, I included V1 of the XBox controller interface. It's not documented yet - you have to go to "External Keyboards" to enable it. If you have a wireless controller, you will also need a receiver for the PC. The rest works as usual. I implemented 10 virtual pages that you can switch.

Also, the sticks are semi-analog - if you map a slider on the joystick, no matter with what function, the speed with which the slider moves depends on how far you push the joystick (there are 3 speeds implemented at the moment, hence semi-analog).

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lightroom 5

I anwered a user survey from Adobe today. Strong hints that LR 5 will come mid 2013, will have face recognition and some other new features. Exciting, but will be lots of work to adapt Paddy.

Paddy 4.3 is available

Friday, April 5, 2013

Shuttle Pro 2

I bought a ShuttlePro 2 from the donations. This thing is so cool. Support will come. I love this slim controller. Suggestions welcome

Monday, April 1, 2013


Now that the OSC capability is very stable, I hope osmebody takes on a design for Android. Contact me if you need help to get started.

The OSC commands are documented here:

Sunday, March 31, 2013

XK-80 video and short review

Paddy 4.3 supports the new XK-60 and XK-80 from P.I. Engineering, makers of the trusted XKeys professional, which is used in some professional LR Plugins. The professional has been discontinued and replaced with the XK-60/80.

A video is here:

(Full disclaimer: The folks at P.I. Engineering provided me with an XK-80 - awesome support for Paddy. Thanks again!)

The XK-60 and -80 are effectively the same keyboard, the -60 is just missing a few keys. Paddy supports both, so I will now use XK-80 only as I talk about them. Compared to the professional, the XK-80

  • Has more keys (duh)
  • Has LEDs under each key (red and blue)
  • Has a smaller footprint (you can see a comparison in the video)
  • is grey instead of black
The keys are the same size as on the professional. They feel comfortable but do not have the solid "click" that the professional has. I will get use to them quite quickly I think, but there was something to the professional keys that felt more solid. The XK-80 is without a doubt more rugged overall, though - the black brittle plastic has been replaced with a softer grey housing. And while I am not a fan of the grey color, it feels nice and compact. The key caps stayed the same, and I promptly broke some. Replacements are available.

The biggest plus here is the smaller footprint on my desk - smaller than the professional for more keys. Paddy uses the LEDs under the keys to indicate the layers - e.g., you select layer 2, all keys are blue. I played around with highlighting individual keys, and it was a lot of fun, but in the end, too much work and not that useful. (btw, the additional programming work was minimal - good job there, software engineers at P.I.E)

Overall, a good upgrade to the product line. These keyboards seem expensive, but the next best things have much fewer keys for only a little less money. E.g., a Genovation 682 has 35 keys (less than half) and runs you ~$120 if you are lucky, so a load more $ per key. And it Paddy, the Genovation blocks some higher levels keys like F-14. So for a large external keyboard that doesn't "block" any keys in Paddy and is also useful in other software, I continue to recommend the XKeys. When you have a few bucks left, get the -80, it's worth it

I think my standard setup will be XK-80 with the Behringer Midi sliders on the big machine, and my Genovation With the Novation Nocturn Midi controller on the Laptop.

Lightroom 4.4 RC

Paddy 4.3Beta works nicely with LR 4.4 RC

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Paddy 4.3 Beta

I pushed the 4.3 beta out. Available here:

The main thing is the IPAD support. It's a lot of fun to edit pictures that way.

Abandoning the Installer

I am trying to get the installer ready for Paddy 4.3beta.

This is getting too complicated. Like every other plugin, from now on, I will just provide the .ZIP of the module directory and the fast updater

RIP, installer. I learned a lot.

Friday, March 29, 2013

LR 4.4

Just as I am finally catching up through some cheating, Lightroom 4.4RC is available. Seems to be only bug fix and camera data, so Paddy should work fine

Novation Nocturn video

Video: Editing with the Novation Nocturn. Alpha version will be updated this Easter weekend.


See here to download:

The path to 4.3

I have to resist the temptation to add more until 4.3Beta comes out. The IPad interface works well, there is really not much reason to wait. I found a few bugs yesterday. The path now is
- finish Novation Nocturn interface
- finish website with templates
- thoroughly test the new ability to support several midi devices
- create videos on Nocturn and the XK-60/80

and that's it. Then i will throw it at the masses.

I of course already have the path to the next version in mind. This will have
- Search box for keywords (right now only for functions)
- Supporting an XBox controller

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Novation Nocturn

I now have a cool interface for the Novation Nocturn. It works - can assign sliders to the encoders and anything to the button. I really like this cool little controller

Video to come in a few days

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Novation Nocturn

I have to say, I created a cool piece of software. I got my Novation Nocturn, and I had the sliders moving within 5 minutes. Cool.

Now, to program native support. My goal is
- Easy assignment
- Good initial mapping
- Several pages on the Nocturn. This is the biggest issue because the Nocturn does not report back when the user changes a page, so no message like on the Behringer

I am also not sure yet what to do with the slider. It is not motorized, so no feedback. I wonder whether I can use that for pages - left position is one page, middle a second, right a third.


Android for Lightroom

So, you ask, what about Android?

The bad news; I don't have an Android device, and probably not much time to develop a template
The good news: You can! Paddy's OSC interface is completely open
The mediocre news: Tough to find a good OSC app for Android

I see a lot of posts about Android on the board. I hope that somebody takes this on - it shouldn't be hard to get a proof of concept going. Here, i am trying to outline what you need to do. If you are lucky, you can get the basics going in 15 minutes. Then it will take time to design a layout, but you will get the hang of it quickly

(1) Find an OSC app for Android that let's you design you own template
You want something with buttons, labels, and sliders (in OSC speak, faders). There are a bunch of these out there. Two I found:

  • TouchOSC for Android - far behind the IPAD version, doesn't support labels or tabs, but is really well documented
  • Control (OSC+Midi): Seems cool, has bi-directional communication

There are probably more out there. In these, you will need to find control surfaces. Start by adding a button and a slider. You will also need to tell this software where to find your computer on the network and set "ports" to send on

  • Set the sending port to: 8000
  • Set the receiving port to: 9000

(2) Create a few controls and ssign OSC commands
You can find the list of Paddy's OSC commands here: . Effectively, you need to assign these to your buttons. that's it.

As a suggestion:
Put your first button on /Paddy/Lightroom/function/13 . This is rotate right
Put your first slider on /Paddy/Lightroom/slidernumber/5 with a range from 0 to 1 . This is exposure

(3) Create a connect button
Create a button to initiate the dialog with Paddy. This is the command /Paddy/Lightroom/connect

When Paddy receives this command, it reads the IP address and starts to send commands and slider settings to that IP address

(4) Start the template, make sure the app knows where your PC is
(5) Start Paddy and check "Use OSC" in the basic settings under the Midi/OSC tab
(6) Play and see whether it works
Start by hitting the connect button

have fun and please ask questions if this doesn't work

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Restarting the blog

I decided to restart the Paddy blog. This will allow me to rewrite a bit about the development process, ideas that I have etc.

Currently, I am pushing on Paddy 4.3 whenever I can. The Alpha version can be downloaded here. I have to decide when I push this out. 

At the moment, the three big things are

  • IPad support
  • Support for more than one Midi device
  • Support for the new XK-60 and XK-80, the follow-up models form the trusted XKeys professional
  • Search box in the assignment menus
  • Bugfixes

In planning is support for the Novation Nocturn, but I iwll probably push that out a bit as I just ordered the device. This promises to be tricky as it seems that this low cost device can only send on one Midi channel, which means that the standard Paddy mapping will not work.

We shall see. In the meantime, there are several new videos up for the IPad on the Youtube channel.