Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Paddy 4.3 Update

Pushed out an update. We had a bug in the Midi assignments for the BCR/BCF and another one in the raw midi assignment, hopefully that's fixed.

As a bonus, I included V1 of the XBox controller interface. It's not documented yet - you have to go to "External Keyboards" to enable it. If you have a wireless controller, you will also need a receiver for the PC. The rest works as usual. I implemented 10 virtual pages that you can switch.

Also, the sticks are semi-analog - if you map a slider on the joystick, no matter with what function, the speed with which the slider moves depends on how far you push the joystick (there are 3 speeds implemented at the moment, hence semi-analog).


  1. oh wow, XBox controller support! Have been using GlovePIE to hook up my controller via midi so far, looking forward to playing with this update now.

  2. Have fun. It's not well documented yet, and the analog part works so-so.
    How did GlovePIE work for you?

  3. GlovePIE did the job so far (together with LoopBe1 for virtual midi), and being able to use the XBox controller from a chair to do the inital culling process is immensely helpful.
    All digital/button controls work just fine. Have got reject/flag and 2/3 stars on the X/B A/Y buttons. Image prev/next on the digital bumper buttons, exposure +/- on the triggers. Undo/Redo on back and start. The d-pad does page up/down and left/right so I can move in a 1:1 zoom picture, the sticks (pushing them) toggle zoom and switch grid/zoom.

    What I didn't get to work at all (with the glovePie solution) is hooking up sliders to any of the analog controls, because the joystick always moves back to 0. I assume that's what you are referring to with your semi-analog comment? I'll give it a try in the next week or two, and move the discussion into the forum so others can chime in.