Saturday, April 20, 2013

Paddy update

Thanks to a lot of testing and push from our German users (after Paddy was featured in a local internet show on digital photography), I was able to significantly improve the keyword handling. The experience should be better, foreign characters are handled correctly (as long as they are ANSI - so German, French, Danish works, Russian, Japanese etc doesn't). Also, Paddy now recognizes the keywords that Lightroom tagged as Synonyms as asks the user what to do with them.

This was likely the last big update to Paddy for LR 4, bar any bugfixes, which I will of course always try to do. The next two weeks I will be moving (from house to temporary apartment), then I will need to focus any significant paddy activity on LR 5. I will try to get an updated Nocturn video out, as well as an video on how to use the XBox controller, and if I am bored I iwll try to work on the user guide, but compared to the challenge that LR 5 brings, these ar eboring.


  1. After the automatic update.
    no longer run the program.
    an error

  2. I'm personally looking forward to the xbox controller set up.

    I was using one for culling using xpadder, but I can't seem to get things working great using paddy. I want to keep control of my mouse with the left thumbpad, and left click with a button. Also, it seems the xbox inputs are very responsive, some are delayed and some don't happen at all.

  3. have you tried it? It's in there. Go to preferences->basic->External keyboards, check XBox and restart. You do need an XBox 360 receiver on your PC in case you don't have that yet