Monday, May 13, 2013

LR5 - status

Now that move #1 is over, and work is less crazy, I had some time to think about LR5 again. I still suspect that ultimately, I need a more robust way to address LR changes. However, for the time being, I think I came up with a way to make Paddy work with LR5 reasonably quickly with limited pain for the users.

To make it short, When Paddy starts under LR5, it will effectively open and close all subpanels and tools in the develop module once. This will take (most likely) -5 seconds. But after that's done, it looks like control handles (The addresses I use to move sliders) are stable and Paddy can just plow ahead like before. While not exactly an elegant solution, it should work nicely. Also, I should be able to do this (and the necessary adjustments to the control addresses, which is always a lot of hunting and gathering) relatively quickly so we can all go on and use Paddy happily.

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  1. Update: Less than 1 second on Win 7 64Bit to go through all the panels! Yeah. Now it's just a lot of blocking and tackling until Pdaay 5.0 can come out. The first version will just be the "old" sliders, working in LR5.0. I will be working on the new features after we know the basic engine works