Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Paddy 5.0 Alpha is available

Paddy 5.0 Alpha is available for download.

Module directory:

This should work more or less with LR 5.0 (and continue to work with LR 4.4). None of the new sliders was mapped, the goal here was to just make the old stuff work. Please report bugs here:

Note that this uses the crutch outlined earlier: When LR opens, Paddy will go through all the tabs on the development panel. This might leave the configuration somewhat messed up. We will deal with that later - Basically restoring it to what we found. Right now, I am just trying to make sure that we can do this.

Also, this probably will not work with the RC, just by the nature of what Paddy does. But that's OK, if we can get this to work here, we know that the principle is sound.

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