Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Novation Nocturn

I have to say, I created a cool piece of software. I got my Novation Nocturn, and I had the sliders moving within 5 minutes. Cool.

Now, to program native support. My goal is
- Easy assignment
- Good initial mapping
- Several pages on the Nocturn. This is the biggest issue because the Nocturn does not report back when the user changes a page, so no message like on the Behringer

I am also not sure yet what to do with the slider. It is not motorized, so no feedback. I wonder whether I can use that for pages - left position is one page, middle a second, right a third.



  1. I'm using the slider for adjusting the midi sensitivity mode. All the way left is low sensitivity and all the way right is high.

    Would be cool to have finer control over the sensitivity, like 0 to 100

  2. Oh, I like that idea. Will put it on the list