Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Android for Lightroom

So, you ask, what about Android?

The bad news; I don't have an Android device, and probably not much time to develop a template
The good news: You can! Paddy's OSC interface is completely open
The mediocre news: Tough to find a good OSC app for Android

I see a lot of posts about Android on the board. I hope that somebody takes this on - it shouldn't be hard to get a proof of concept going. Here, i am trying to outline what you need to do. If you are lucky, you can get the basics going in 15 minutes. Then it will take time to design a layout, but you will get the hang of it quickly

(1) Find an OSC app for Android that let's you design you own template
You want something with buttons, labels, and sliders (in OSC speak, faders). There are a bunch of these out there. Two I found:

  • TouchOSC for Android - far behind the IPAD version, doesn't support labels or tabs, but is really well documented
  • Control (OSC+Midi): Seems cool, has bi-directional communication

There are probably more out there. In these, you will need to find control surfaces. Start by adding a button and a slider. You will also need to tell this software where to find your computer on the network and set "ports" to send on

  • Set the sending port to: 8000
  • Set the receiving port to: 9000

(2) Create a few controls and ssign OSC commands
You can find the list of Paddy's OSC commands here: https://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/paddy/index.php?title=Paddy_Developer_Wiki . Effectively, you need to assign these to your buttons. that's it.

As a suggestion:
Put your first button on /Paddy/Lightroom/function/13 . This is rotate right
Put your first slider on /Paddy/Lightroom/slidernumber/5 with a range from 0 to 1 . This is exposure

(3) Create a connect button
Create a button to initiate the dialog with Paddy. This is the command /Paddy/Lightroom/connect

When Paddy receives this command, it reads the IP address and starts to send commands and slider settings to that IP address

(4) Start the template, make sure the app knows where your PC is
(5) Start Paddy and check "Use OSC" in the basic settings under the Midi/OSC tab
(6) Play and see whether it works
Start by hitting the connect button

have fun and please ask questions if this doesn't work


  1. Dear Sir,

    I have just discovered your work and I am very excited about the posibility of controlling Lightroom 5.3 with my Android Table. I have downloaded your last sw version, and bought TouchOSC for my tablet. After selecting the OSC/IPAD option and configuring a basi interface in my tablet I am not getting any response from Paddy. For testing I have installed PureDate Extended in my computer and I am getting this messages when changing the controls:

    osc: /Paddy/Lightroom/connect 1
    osc: /Paddy/Lightroom/connect 0
    osc: /Paddy/Lightroom/function/13 1
    osc: /Paddy/Lightroom/function/13 0
    osc: /Paddy/Lightroom/function/13 0.155844
    osc: /Paddy/Lightroom/function/13 0.256678
    osc: /Paddy/Lightroom/function/13 0.345384

    So, I guess, the app and tablet are working in the right way. Would you be so kind of helping me to figure out what is happening?

    Thanks and best regards,