Monday, September 23, 2013

On a personal note

I know I am behind on everything.

Just a a way to explain, in the past 3 months

  • We moved from a house to a rental apartment
  • Moved last week from the apartment to a larger house
  • Discovered that the just bought house needs some fixes in the cost range of a medium sized car (This being the U.S., as a German Engineer, don't get me started on rotten wood)
  • Negotiated with contractors
  • Had to work for a living
  • And confirmed than the middle son has a learning disability that needs a lot of attention
So I have to admit, Paddy is the least of my priorities right now. The whole 5.0/5.2 situation is not pleasant for Paddy. I am sorry if you rely on Paddy for your professional work and had to deal with frustrating issues. I will make it work for all of us, just give me some time


  1. So sorry to hear of your woes. I am sure I speak for everyone on this. Also we are also mighty grateful of all the work you do.
    It is a keyboard solution that makes LR bearable for me when trawling through hundreds of wedding images. I LOVE the mini 18 key keypad functionality you kindly implemented on my request. Thanks and I look forward to a LR 5.2 bugless update when you are ready.
    I moved over to Paddy from RPG who had a product which worked (sort of) but ultimately were rude people to deal with. You seem like a thoroughly decent guy and I wish you all the best.

  2. Hi Dorfl, dont worry!
    you are doing a better (great!) job with paddy than adobe with LR 5.x!
    dealing with some smaller issues in paddy now is much more effective than using LR5 without paddy.
    btw.: I am now using for presorting the images, this is much quicker than LR...

  3. Thank Dorfl, I apreciate your honesty and wish you the best, too bad the adobe people dont hire you with a big pay check after what you have done for lightroom.
    We really apreciate...

  4. just wanted to wish you the best...1st priority personal health (mental and body) , family and living... Than paddy... Have a nice time

  5. Wishing you the best man! Sorry that life got complicated!

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