Thursday, September 26, 2013

I will need to rethink this

LR 5.x continues to be a headache. Just when I thought I solved it all, there are issues when users have subpanels hidden in the develop module. This is not that big a deal - we could just say that Paddy requires all subpanels to be open - but this whole thing just pains me.

I have an idea on how to rework Paddy's core. It will be a parallel project, but once done, Paddy  should be much more flexible and faster to adapt to new LR versions. It's a lot of legwork, not that much programming. Basically, I need to map LR's user interface to be able to say "Paddy slider #100 is the 5th slider in the Panel called "details", then get the windows handle for that slider. This is just a lot of legwork (some less obvious than it appears from the panels, especially for the filters), plus some adjustment for the HSL panel, but I have reached the point where I suspect I should have done that a long time ago. It would have saved me a lot of time now.

Stay tuned, we are nowhere near the end.


  1. An Update would be appreciated.... THANKS!

  2. Do you plan to continue working on paddy?

  3. Yes. But it is a hobby. The last weeks were crazy with work and family, and it will continue like this for a bit

  4. Hi,

    I started to use your plugin just a few hours ago and I realized that it's a huge timesaver :). In Lightroom 5 the radial filter it's a great tool, but in Paddy (Move a specific Slider/Development tools/ ) the Temp is missing or just I can't find it?
    I'm so happy for finding Paddy, finally something save me from wasting time with my mouse, thank you!
    Gyongyver Szasz

  5. the beta2 works really well on lightroom 5.2.
    I really appreciate your effort, thank you very much!

  6. Thank you very much for your software!

  7. Hey thanks for your continued hard work on this.
    Just donated another $20, it’s not much but hope it helps.
    I know it can be really hard to balance everything you want to do.

    1. You wasted your money. He has not responded with any updated for 6 months and ignores users questions.
      I donated too.
      Such a pity I really need something liek this to work.